Adorably useful small wooden candle.

Adorably useful small wooden candle. Combining a space exactly of the size of the most common match box it shows a very intuitive way of using it. Tell me you don’t want one and I will not believe you. Cnc Projects, Diy Wooden Projects, Diy Wooden Box, Small Woodworking Projects, Wooden Pipe, Small Wood Projects,(…)

Indoor House plants guide

K is for Kani Indoor House plants guide – beginner plants you can’t kill (1. ZZ plant / Zanzibar Gem / Zamioculcas zamiifolia, 2. Devil’s Ivy / Epipremnum aureum, 3. Swiss cheese plant / Monstera deliciosa, 4. Zebra/prayer plant / Ctenanthe burle-marxii, 5. Heartleaf / Philodendron scandens) Philodendron Scandens, Indoor House Plants, Small Indoor Plants,(…)

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