Figural Lace Sculptures

Figural Lace Sculptures

Hungarian artist Agnes Herczeg creates figural lace works of feminine varieties, capturing figures in moments of contemplation or work. In a single piece the topic stands at a loom, showing to weave herself from the included fibers. In every of her works Herczeg makes use of all pure supplies, incorporating small items of wooden or different discovered(…)

Ornamental Paper Deformities

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Helena Emmans Driftwood Spoons, Silver

Helena Emmans is an artist living on the Isle of Skye a landscape that suffuses everything she makes.  Her silver spoons are inspired by, ‘the delicate qualities in nature’. All the spoons are hand crafted in hallmarked sterling silver. Silver and beech wood spoons and tea strainer  image: (c)  Helena Emmans Driftwood Spoons, Silver Driftwood,(…)

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