Ornamental Paper Deformities

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A Large Assortment of Embroidered Temari Spheres

A Large Assortment of Embroidered Temari Spheres

    Temari balls are a kind of parents paintings that originated in China and had been launched to Japan inside the seventh century. The fastidiously hand-embroidered balls sometimes made out of the thread of outdated kimonos have been created by mom and father or grandparents and given to youngsters on New Yr’s day as(…)

Katie Leed’s Work and the …

By accident I discovered an exquisite residence and I’m in a rush to point out it to you. It’s created by the designer Katie Leed and her group and it’s actually beautiful. I really like each single piece of labor that they create as a result of it’s seen that they work intently with the(…)

Futuristic City in the Sky

This unimaginable futuristic Metropolis within the Sky is an idea design by Tsvetan Toshkov, during which he imagines a phenomenal oasis excessive above the clouds, and massively developed internal metropolis core. Check out the full write up, VIDEO, and more Pictures here.


The Depthcore Collective is delighted to launch it’s forty fourth Chapter, “ECHOES”. That includes work themed across the idea of mirrored sound, thought and reminiscence, “ECHOES” is a various assortment of paintings produced by members previous and new over the course of the final eight months. More

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